Global Navigator 全球导航

 Global Navigator Pro, a must have for your outdoor adventure! 


Download Global Navigator

Turn you iPad/iPhone into a offline global navigation gadget.

★ Rank #1 in China, #6 in US, top 10 in 9 countries, iPad navigation category 
★ Featured as New & Noteworthy by Apple 
★ Fix china map drift issue 
★ Enjoy 30+ map sources in offline mode 

★ Support iOS 7. 


玩转 iPad/iPhone 离线地图!

★ 发布4天内,iPad导航榜中国第1,美国第6,9个国家前10名 
★ 获得苹果新品推荐 
★ 离线模式下玩转30多种离线地图
★ 中国国内地图偏移自动修复。

★ 支持iOS 7。 

Free Mobile Atlas Creator

Create your own offline maps for hiking, travel, driving, mountaineering, airplane driving and other outdoor activities! Support map types: Google (road/satellite/hybird/terrain), Openstreet, OpenCycle, FAA charts, MapABC, OpenSea, Soso, USGS, Yandex, Chartbundle, and many others. 

You need to upload maps to your iPhone/iPad using iTunes after create your own maps.

无论你要去徒步,旅行,开车,登山,甚至是驾驶飞机,都可以自己创建离线地图。支持多种地图源:谷歌地图 (道路/卫星/混合/地形), Openstreet, OpenCycle, FAA 图, MapABC, OpenSea, 搜搜, USGS, Yandex, Chartbundle等等。

当你创建好自己的地图后,用 iTunes 上传到 iPhone/iPad 后,即可开始使用离线地图功能。

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