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User Guide

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Click above link to download full user manual.

Quick start:

User Interface:

User interface designed to be simple, direct and efficient.

Create offline maps:
GlobalNav use RMaps/BigPlanet offline maps format. Which can be created using Mobile Atlas Creator (, the open source free tool. Please visit to download the tool.

Watch tutorial video: 

Upload offline maps and export/import bookmakrs, routes and tracks to your iPhone/iPad:
1) Start iTunes
2) Click iPhone/iPad device
3) Choose App tab
4) in "File sharing" section, you can drag and drop files from/into iTunes
5) Remember offline map files MUST end with ".sqlitedb" extension.

Fix maps with location drift:
If you are not in mainland China, ignore this.

If you are using certain maps in mainland China, you may have a strange GPS location drift issue. Just touch the spinning Earth/Mars icon to ensure the icon is a displaying spinning Mars. Your current GPS location will be faked to fit "faked" coordinates of the maps.

Local/Global search:
For global search, press "Act" button and select "Global Search", then key in keywords.
For local search, just touch search text input box and key in your keywords.

In Settings application, you can click "GlobalNav" to adjust several options:

1) Safe Update:
When enabled, on-screen map cache will cleared to prevent map tile display incorrectly.

2) Map display scale
Adjust font size of maps. When using iPhone 4 with Retina display technology, font size will be very small in normal circumstance if set to 1.0. You can adjust the scale to a lower number to enlarge font display.

3) Status text
Display a status text on top of the screen.

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